Toasted Coconut Scones

Hurricanes in the Northeast are fairly uncommon.  I take that back, they WERE fairly uncommon until the past 2 years where the Connecticut coast got walloped.  In 2011 we were still living inland in Fairfield county, but for my sister’s birthday we were down on the Norwalk to ride out Hurricane Irene.  My parents live right on the coast and storms have always been a big part of living on the water so we went to see what this one would be all about.  To pass the time, obviously I decided to bake.  My parents had gone on a trip through Vermont and ended up at the King Arthur Flour store, aka my Mecca.  They brought me back a boxed (I know what you are thinking! easy way out, blah blah blah) mix to make toasted coconut scones.  To. Die. For. You add some butter and a few other ingredients, bake, and PRESTO! You’ve got scones!  A little coconut glaze and you are in business.  King Arthur really does a great job on their boxed mixes and I have now noticed they sell a few here in Connecticut grocery stores.  I highly recommend :)


Don’t these just look so enticing??

IMG_0229 IMG_0230

Royal Wedding Scones

My friend Kate had a great idea, as I am sure many girls in love with Prince William had, to host a Royal Wedding Party.  Now, I am not one of those girls who follows gossip too closely, but when the royal wedding came around I was all over it.  I mean, who wouldn’t be?  The heart throb prince was marrying a beautiful commoner, every girls dream!  So, for the party, she had a group of girls over, all dressed up in their best royal outfits, fit with crowns and and sapphire ring replicas, with a blue hawaiian punch.  Fantastic!

So, what better treat to bring to a royal gala than scones!  I found the perfect recipe on Annie’s Eats for blueberry lemon scones.  To, die, for.  I have heard mixed reviews about people thinking scones are difficult or they are the easiest delicacy to make.  I tend to lean towards the easy side, BUT I have to try and remind myself that the pats of butter in the dough mixture WILL melt during the baking process.  Side note of why I have to remind myself: if you do not use a lipped pan the butter will melt and spill over into your oven, and possibly set off the fire alarms.  I will learn…eventually.

I like blueberries in muffins, or pancakes, or these scones.  They give it a nice texture, and bring out the lemon flavor in a great burst of freshness.  Definitely a nice springtime treat to enjoy at brunch, or the next royal wedding ;P