Pull and Peel Cinnamon Bread

Pinterest.  You all know it and have a love/hate relationship for the amount of time that you spend on there.  One of my first finds on Pinterest was a cinnamon pull and peel loaf.  As you can tell by my first blog, and a few others, that I do love my cinnamon rolls and cinnamon cupcakes, so a cinnamon pull and peel loaf was right up my alley.  I wish I had executed this in better fashion, but the end result was still delicious.  I didn’t heed the directions very well because I cut the loaf too much leaving the bread tearing and the deliciousness oozing out.

My poor torn loaf:


Not to say oozing deliciousness isn’t normally good…but this one would have been better if it had stayed in the confines of the bread. We had to mop up a lot of the ooey goodness. I have also seen this done with savory bread ingredients that I want to try on a football Sunday – let’s preface this by the only reason I partake in football Sundays is to test out new recipes and indulge. No diet rules on the weekends :)

The finished product:


Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

To put this mildly, I am obsessed with Starbucks banana chocolate chip bread.  Ever since I had it and becoming aware that it is on their lower cal menu, I have loved it.  Every time I make banana bread now, I refuse to put in nuts and put the chocolate chips in instead.  Huge crowd pleaser in my household because neither my husband nor I are huge fans of nuts in our baked goods.  Chocolate as a substitute for texture, sign me up!

When I saw this recipe on JavaCupcake, I knew this was my next endeavor.  My guinea pigs as I kindly put it (my coworkers) were the first ones to try out this new recipe I found.  It was a huge hit!  I think I got everyone on board for the chocolate chips replacing nuts in banana bread, AND the espresso powder was a nice touch in the recipe to give it a little zip.


IMG_0197 IMG_0226

Luscious Lemon Loaves

I had a childhood friend, whose mother made the absolute BEST lemon bars EVER.  I can still remember the taste of them, and being so excited for school bake sales because Cindi would never fail and would always bring the lemon bars.  The ooey gooey lemon with a nice sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar, which I absolutely loved even before I knew what confectioner’s sugar was!  I have yet to attempt making lemon bars, for the mere fact that I fear I will not be able to live up to my memory’s expectations of the way these delectable bars tasted as a child.  I have to say, I fell on a close second to these lemon bars that I am so fond of, and I am so excited to share it!  It is a lemon breakfast bread.  I had leftover lemons from making lemon garlic chicken one night and decided to Google to see which recipes would come up to use my lemons. I found the recipe here on the blog, Transplanted Taste Buds.

This bread was so delicious.  My fiance, who is not a huge fan of lemons and tart flavors, fell in love with it too.  We had to fight each other the next morning as to who got the extra piece for breakfast.  The bread comes out of the oven nice and warm, and then you let the lemon sugar concoction melt into the bread, and THEN you put on the icing glaze.  Could it get any better than that?!  NO!

Here is the bread fresh out of the oven:
And here it is with the confectioner’s sugar glaaaaze:
This bread completely brought me back to my childhood memories of lemon bars.  I even made the recipe again in cute mini loaf pans for the fiance to bring to his coworkers on their last day of school.  I will get over my fear (some day) and try to test out lemon bar recipes to replicate the lemon bars of my childhood, but for now, I will stick with the lemon breakfast bread to transport me back :)  Or I may just call up Cindi and beg her for the recipe, whichever comes first!