Baking Books

So I was reading up last year (or 2 years ago at this point…) and found a book called Confections of a Closet Master Baker by Sandra Bullock’s sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado.  To say that this book mirrors my lifelong goal is no stretch of the imagination.  She was working as a Hollywood Executive and dreamt of baking, all day every day.  What concoctions could she come up with?  What new recipes could she find?  Epitome of my days most days (to say that I was writing this on a lunch break from my 8-5 is not a stretch…).  I dream about recipes or what I will be making for dinner.  Pinterest is my best/worst frenemy.  I could spend hours on there, as well as in the kitchen, and never get through all of the delicious baked items I continuously pile on to my Food + Drink Board…

I digress.  Gesine’s book made me realize you can make your dreams come true and start a bakery to enjoy what you are doing.  Someday…

I also read It’s Raining Cupcakes for the Rhode Island Cupcake Madness.  This was a cute children’s story about a girl helping her mom realize her pipe dream of making cupcakes and each individual flavor.  I read the book in one sitting and got some great ideas for flavors for the competition.  The strawberry lemonade chapter may have inspired the 2nd place winner, Limoncello cupcakes :)

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