Homemade Funfetti

Funfetti. Always a crowd pleaser. Vanilla cake with fun sprinkles inside. And the piece de resistance…Rainbow. Chip. Icing. Definitively the best part of the funfetti experience. It was my coworkers birthday and his favorite cake is funfetti. I decided that I would find a from scratch recipe in order to avoid the box and try to prove myself that I could do it. I found a recipe. Hate to say it butthe recipe was essentially a vanilla cake with sprinkles scattered in the batter.


Yes, still delicious, but I thought there would be more pizzazz to it to make it that fun treat we all loved as kids. For my first time, I didn’t figure out how to make the rainbow chip frosting from scratch so I caved and bought the can of it – withOUT the rainbow chips.  I wanted these to be to a T so I fell for the “Funfetti” frosting.  Fail.  I should have stuck with my gut.  Funfetti frosting is vanilla frosting with sprinkles to throw about. For my next attempt since it’s such a huge hit, I found the actual recipe to make rainbow chip frosting. The secret…the chips are colored white chocolate! I am very excited to try this on my next turn to break the box conundrum of funfetti.


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