Pull and Peel Cinnamon Bread

Pinterest.  You all know it and have a love/hate relationship for the amount of time that you spend on there.  One of my first finds on Pinterest was a cinnamon pull and peel loaf.  As you can tell by my first blog, and a few others, that I do love my cinnamon rolls and cinnamon cupcakes, so a cinnamon pull and peel loaf was right up my alley.  I wish I had executed this in better fashion, but the end result was still delicious.  I didn’t heed the directions very well because I cut the loaf too much leaving the bread tearing and the deliciousness oozing out.

My poor torn loaf:


Not to say oozing deliciousness isn’t normally good…but this one would have been better if it had stayed in the confines of the bread. We had to mop up a lot of the ooey goodness. I have also seen this done with savory bread ingredients that I want to try on a football Sunday – let’s preface this by the only reason I partake in football Sundays is to test out new recipes and indulge. No diet rules on the weekends :)

The finished product:


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