Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

So my husband likes to brag to his friends that he gets baked goods frequently. It is status quo that when I make anything baked that I am expected to leave at least 3 of whatever was made for his consumption alone. Needless to say his softball friends caught wind of this baking expedition I take myself on and wanted to taste the cupcakes I make as well.  I decided, for a summer softball rec league I was going to go with a classic summer flavor – pink lemonade.  Refreshing after running around at a game in the dead heat and so easy to make.  This recipe called for Crystal light packets for the batter and frosting with a little bit of fresh lemon juice.  These cupcakes were so festively pink and decorated with pink sprinkles and a lemon wedge thrown in here or there :)  I brought the leftovers in to work and got this reaction from a co-worker “I bit into it not expecting anything and I thought, sonuvabitch! that’s pink lemonade!” Job. Well. Done.


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