Shirley Temple Cupcakes

During my sister-in-laws second pregnancy her drink of choice was Shirley temples. Sweet, cherry, good summer flavor. Such a refreshing drink so it would make a perfect cupcake. We were going to Maryland to visit our godson and wanted to bring a treat with us.

First of all. I never thought maraschino cherry juice could be used in anything other than keeping those sweet not so typical cherries “fresh.”  I never thought to add them to a batter or drink for that matter but this worked wonders. It gave the batter a nice pink color that represented the drink and that telltale cherry taste you look for in the drink. And no one can say no to Cherry 7up. It’s that soda you don’t drink all the time but thoroughly enjoy when the situation presents itself. I am always a little weary of soda in cupcakes after my less than pleasant looking root beer float cupcakes but I am always willing to try. This attempt definitely paid off!  Refreshing cherry flavor with and airiness unlike any other. And such a fun color!

IMG_0133 IMG_0135

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