Limoncello Cupcakes

So as most of you have already read my post about Cupcake Madness last year in Rhode Island, this post mentioning limoncello cupcakes will be of no surprise to you. I am rather behind on posts and Cupcake Madness took precedence over the old posts I had to write. I am still writing this post to pay homage to this mash up of flavors that so inspired my Cupcake Madness entry (and winner of 2nd place best frosting!).

I digress. Back to the star of this piece. A limoncello cupcake with a raspberry jelly center topped with a tart limoncello cream cheese frosting. Are your mouths watering yet??  I love tart flavors. Plain and simple. My coworkers give me all of their lemon flavored candies because I am the only one who thoroughly enjoys them. An ingenious combination for lemonade. Raspberry lemonade. This cupcake encapsulates these wonderful flavors and then some! The cream cheese frosting really pushes this cupcake over the edge by adding another layer of tartness with its smooth lemony undercurrent. Topped with a fresh raspberry and you are ready for a summer picnic!

Stages of deliciousness:

IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3597 IMG_0114

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