Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Cupcakes with Macerated Peaches

Girls nights always call for a delectable dessert at the end of the night or meal. I wanted to plan something special for an after dinner treat at my friend Nancy’s house when we were going to do a Weight Watchers dinner party. I knew I wanted to incorporate some beautiful peaches I had just purchased in to the dessert. I found a recipe for vanilla bean pound cake cupcakes. Why such a heavy sounding dessert for a WW dinner you ask? Because I could and it was a WW approved recipe (or I at least convinced myself of this fact ;) .) To these little delectable morsels of vanilla heaven I macerated the juicy peaches and put them on top of the pound cakes. Vanilla + peaches = a summer match made in heaven. No lie, I think I will be making these every summer as a refreshing treat! To one up it, I may have to come up with a drink recipe to replicate this delicious combination of flavors ;)



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