Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Cinnamon rolls. A true staple of my childhood breakfasts on the weekend. The delicious Pillsbury 8 pack of vacuum sealed goodness with a can of frosting. Bake up 2 cans of those bad boys and you are in business in the McNichols household. Light on the frosting for the parents. And all of the extra frosting for the sisters. Perfect combination with a big tall glass of OJ.

It was only fitting that I decided on a weekend at home to make cinnamon roll cupcakes featured in the Better Homes and Gardens edition of their Cupcake magazine. (Another hit in my house was the Mochaccino Cupcakes). Ooey gooey cupcakes with a simple standard icing. Truly cannot get any better than that! I will always be a fan of the vacuum sealed containers that pop into the oven, but these new cupcakes are definitely a crowd favorite. And, the best part about making it in cupcake form…you don’t have to let it rise like traditional cinnamon rolls! Just stir, pour, and bake! I will definitely be making these again. Maybe for some overnight guests :) Not the prettiest frosting, but it is a work in progress!




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