Cake Suite Taste Test

So, we all know that I am obsessed with Groupon/Living Social deals, especially to try out new places in the area.  There was one back in 2011 (yes, this is old…) to a place called Cake Suite in Westport, CT.  My baker friend, Lauren, and I sat down for a taste test of 12 cupcakes that I got with my Groupon deal.  I tried to order all different cupcakes to get a wide variety and to see the span of flavors that this new bakery had to hopefully gain some good ideas for future cupcakes.

Let’s start off by saying, 12 cupcakes between to 2 of us, was a loooooot of cupcakes.  

Here is a picture of all the cupcakes we tasted:
We didn’t need dinner that night for sure.  We rated each cupcake on a scale of 1 through 7 on sweetness and taste combination.  The first one we tried was Very Vanilla, and it was a dry cupcake.  I am more of a chocolate fan, so this one was rather boring for me.  The best frosting award, went to the Chocoholic cupcake.  Chocolate ganache with chocolate curls on top.  The Peanut Butter Cup cupcake was very filling.  Lauren’s favorite cupcake was the Red Velvet.  Cream cheese frosting with delicious strawberry curls.  My favorite cupcake was the Chunky Monkey.  It was a moist banana cupcake, with banana frosting and peanuts. Delish!

Overall, the cupcakes were delicious – I also gained the insight to add the little decor on top to add a small flavor twist in an appealing and delicate fashion.

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