Mother’s Day Mochaccino Cupcakes

For mother’s day, I decided to give my mom the choice of what dessert she would like to make, out of the Better Homes & Gardens edition of Cupcakes.  If you are an avid baker, and have not picked up this special edition yet, you are missing out.  There are some truly great recipes in this book.  My mom chose the Mochaccino cupcakes.  These cupcakes came with a complimentary with a pirouette cookie sticking out of the frosting-just a little addition to make these cupcakes a tad fancier.  I mean, I never saw kids taking pirouette cookies to school with lunch, it was always an Oreo or Chips Ahoy-nothing wrong with either of those, but a nice pirouette for a treat is always a nice change of pace.

The coffee buttercream that topped this chocolate based cupcake was very decadent.  And in all seriousness, the pirouette cookie made the presentation/taste that much better.  Do NOT skimp on the pirouette cookies.

Look at how beautiful these are!

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