Margarita Cupcakes

Margarita cupcakes.  I mean, how can one go wrong?  The quintessential drink of the summer (or at least my summer) made into a delicious and refreshing cupcake.  Win-win!  I have now made these twice for my coworkers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and they are always a hit.  In 2011, (yes this post is well overdue), it was my first introduction into my new job as the “baker girl” and there was a sign-up list of what everyone wanted to bring to the celebration.  I searched far and wide to find a cupcake recipe I thought would be worthy.  I fell upon this one from Annie’s Eats.

To say that I like margaritas in the summertime is an understatement.  They are definitely my go-to when it comes to summer cocktails.  I like the tart flavor of lime with that kick of tequila.  All around, a great cocktail.  I was a tad skeptical when it came time to try the margarita cupcakes because in all honestly, can a mini cake really stand up to the refreshing taste of an actual cocktail?  It was debatable to say the least.

The cupcake captured the intense lime flavor I was hoping for and the frosting was to die for.  The tequila added a nice punch in the frosting to make you feel like you were eating the actual cocktail.  I could not have been happier about the outcome, and I gained my notoriety of having some pretty killer cupcakes :)  How could you NOT win over a new office full of people with a boozy cupcake??

I also received this compliment from my coworker: “The texture of the frosting is like a heavenly cloud.”  :)

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