Bridal Shower #1

As mentioned in my previous post about my trial run for the mother of all first gigs as a self-proclaimed “baker”, I had plenty of cupcakes leftover for friends and family.  Probably too many, but such is life.  So, I spread the joy, and gave them out, and this post begins with I pawned them off on the fiances family, a family with a serious sweet tooth.  It was at that moment that I got contracted for my actual chronologically first gig because it was 1 week before the other shower for Kate with the Tiffany’s theme.  My future mother-in-law was hosting a bridal shower for a good family friend and wanted the exact same cupcakes with white and pink frosting.  Off I went to my second trial run!  You think I would have it down by the time the Tiffany’s shower came around, but some things can never be accounted for, as you will see in my next post.

So the shower was on a smaller scale, but I still made around 50 cupcakes for it.  I was so thrilled with the outcome, and the presentation (thanks to my Mom’s idea) was spectacular.  I loved the cake plates and the alternating colors.  I truly don’t think I have been so impressed with a end result that looked semi-professional.  I think I will need to stock up on some cool looking cake plates for future displays like this one so I don’t have to steal my Mom’s.

I never knew how popular the Bailey’s cupcakes would become after my first trial run, but as you will also see in future posts, Bailey’s cupcakes are a huge hit!  I also think it is a nice pairing with a chocolate cupcake, to have something a little more flavorful than vanilla, and, a little Irish cream never hurt anyone :)  I was so thrilled that these were a hit, and they were for a fantastic bride-to-be so I was happy to get 1 bridal shower under my belt!
Look at the beautiful display!

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