Carrot Cake

April is a VERY busy month for birthdays.  Brendan starts it off on the 16th, his brother is on the 17th, and then my Dad is the 18th.  After making the cookies and cream cake I was shot, but knew I had to get back on the horse and make a cake for my Dad; his request, carrot cake.  Traditional carrot cakes require nuts and raisins.  I eliminated those, probably to my father’s dismay, but if he wanted me to have a piece of birthday cake, I would have to make some adjustments, as would he :)

My border collie/black lab, Lexi, decided to help me with this cake, and ate my stub carrots after I could no longer grate them without grating my fingers as well.  Here she is enjoying her healthy treat!

I thought I would go out on a branch and attempt to make some cute little carrot marzipan pieces for the cake to add some decoration.  That didn’t happen.  The marzipan I bought from the baking aisle at Stop & Shop was rock hard.  Such a waste.  Needless to say, next time I attempt to use marzipan and make cute little shapes, I will try to make it from scratch, or use something different all together.

Here is the cake, plain jane but delicious all the same!

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