Tiffany’s Cupcakes Trial Run

My friend Kate had “contracted” me for my first official gig, to do a Tiffany themed bridal shower that she was helping host.  I was thrilled and honored to start using my passion as a platform, but panicked all the same!  I had never made 50+ cupcakes for 1 event, nor did I have anything to display them on!

Luckily, my dad is a master carpenter (when he puts his mind to it :) ) and was able to build my dream cupcake stand.  It holds about 75+ cupcakes and we would be able to add additional shelving, or take shelves away for smaller gatherings.  He would be great on Cupcake Wars building the displays for the 2 bakers competing for the grand prize, and would totally fit by wearing the flannel shirt sporting a beard!

Here is the stand in all of it’s glory.  It now sits proudly on my guest room dresser awaiting its next debut.

So, to start this daunting task I decided I needed to do a trial run in order to make sure that I could make the cupcakes all in one night, decorating the next day, and being able to have enough time to pack them up and deliver them in time for the shower.  So, one Friday night, I set off to make 60 cupcakes, half were Bailey’s cupcakes, half were chocolate cupcakes.  The cupcakes were so simple.  I could make cupcakes in my sleep sometimes.  No problems there.  Then it was on to the frosting.

This is my arsenal of decorating tricks and tools to make these look Tiffany-esque.

So a Tiffany’s cupcake meant that I was to dye the vanilla buttercreams to a Tiffany blue color.  I spent a lot of time researching online to see what dyes would work best, in what amounts, etc.  I came upon a blog that highly recommended the Wilton frosting gel dyes and in the specific amounts.  So I set off to moderating the drops of gel into the frosting, matching it to the Tiffany’s box.  This was a long process, as I didn’t quite follow the online blog to a T, but I tested and kept going back and forth between the box and was very happy with the result when it finally came together.

Here is what I got for frosting.  Pretty darn good!

The next task was distributing the 60 cupcakes to family and friends, but I don’t think they complained about the freebies from my test run ;P  I was ready to take on my first official gig as a baker!

And the freebies that my family and friends loved me for-pre frosting!

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