Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

What is better together than strawberries and chocolate? Strawberry and chocolate mousse cupcakes, on Valentine’s Day, that’s what!

So I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  It is a Hallmark holiday and I refuse to celebrate it.  This year I decided, as I was celebrating home alone because my fiance was working, to make cupcakes.  A familiar and popular treat on Valentine’s day, chocolate covered strawberries, so I combined that into a cupcake!  I had seen a recipe for strawberry flavored cupcakes, flavored with strawberry jello.  Then, to add in the Ghiradelli chocolate mousse, I used my handy dandy cupcake corer (best invention ever!) and put the chocolate mousse into a bag to squirt into the opening.

Here is what the cupcakes looked like with the cores taken out before putting in the chocolate mousse:
For the frosting, I used a vanilla buttercream to decorate with hearts and xo’s, and to add another flavor level.  As I stated before, I do not like Valentine’s day, but this past year, I became a fan of Valentine’s Day cupcakes!  I cannot wait to plan my next Valentine’s cupcake in only a few months! (Yes I know, I am way behind on my posts).
Here is what they looked like!

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