Billy’s Bakery-Croissants and Cannoli Cupcakes

One of our weekend treats during any season is going out to eat delicious breakfast pastries.  We try to find new bakeries where ever we are visiting, or just like to frequent our favorite spots.  Some of the newest discoveries are found by using the Around Me app for the iPhone and it has not steered us wrong yet!

On this particular weekend, we visited one of our favorites, Billy’s Bakery in Fairfield, CT.  Our usual order is the delicious varieties of croissants.  How could anyone hate the flaky pastry and the delectable and different fillings of each one.  My usuals, yes usual IS pluralized-because one just isn’t enough, are the chocolate and the almond.  My fiance usually gets the raspberry and apple (he’s so plain! ;P).  We recently brought a box of 8 back to his parents house when the family was visiting and everyone loved them, even the baby! (Well, the baby is actually almost 2 but he is still a baby to me).

Here is a picture of these divine almond creations:

I highly recommend stopping by Billy’s Bakery for these delicious breakfast treats, or one of their many other offerings.  I personally cannot wait to go in and try their cannoli cupcakes!  Every time I go I am too late to enjoy these little bites of heaven, some day I will get my hands on them!

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