Sono Bakery Buttercream Decorating

Now that I am done with 6 years of schooling, working full-time through 2 of the years, I decided I wanted to take some fun classes from the local adult education offerings.  These classes in the Fairfield County area are for anything from learning how to make great BBQ food from a local restaurant, to yoga classes, to digital photography.  I, of course, chose a class at SoNo Bakery to learn how to make buttercream flowers, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!

I got out of work early one day to make it to the class.  I got to bring my hand-me-down decorating tips that my mother so generously gave me, my awesome black and white printed apron, and my enthusiasm for this wonderful bakery in my hometown.  I was finally getting to see some of the cogs of this flawless bakery!  Not many people can say they have been in the kitchen of a bakery they so profoundly love, well I can!

We were going to learn how to make 6 different flower techniques to decorate our own cupcakes.  This art form does not come easily, and takes a lot of practice to get the flowers looking beautiful.  Here is a picture of mine!

I was so thrilled with how they came out.  I actually considered myself to be on my way to being a professional baker at this point.  I could seriously make these and put them on cakes.  It was a revelation that I truly did love baking and could make a career out of this some day.  I have practiced since this class, and though they are not quite as beautiful, practice makes perfect :)  The buttercream has to be a perfect consistency, and if you are keeping the pastry bag in your hand for too long you will melt the butter and have runny flowers.  Maybe my wedding will be the next time I break out this technique to decorate MY cupcakes ;P

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