Chasing Away the Winter Blues with an Igloo Cake

My former coworker was having a rough time adjusting last winter, as we all were due to New England getting walopped with snow, so I decided to make a cake to cheer her up that I had seen in Food Network Magazine; easily the best magazine out there for foodies like myself.  I saw a fun idea to make an igloo cake!  Now, probably not my best judgment to getting anyone out of a winter blues funk, but it was a fun cake to enjoy!  Though I have to say, very labor intensive with the decorations.  Next time I am trying to get someone out of a winter funk, I may attempt to make a beach instead with some crushed graham crackers for sand rather than embracing the imminent and prominent snow.

I decided that if I made this cake again, I would only use a pyrex bowl for the dome part of the igloo, and not make an 8-inch round cake to put on the bottom.  Having 2 separate cakes for the igloo dome unfortunately meant doomsday and the cakes crumbled.  Exhibit A:

Nevertheless, I put the cakes together anyways and made this igloo:

This would be a perfect cake to do with kids, because the decorating of the winter wonderland takes some imagination, and honestly, what kid doesn’t love throwing some confectioner’s sugar around to make a winter wonderland?  I have the say the best part was making the ice cream cone trees by using a spatula and making tree boughs with the icing.  So simple, and so pretty.

The finished product:

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