Cinnamon Cake

My dad is one of 5 children, so get togethers are a rather large Irish party usually.  As the resident baker, I decided I wanted to do something with some holiday type spices, and to use my bundt pan that often gets neglected.  I was searching online one day and found a recipe for a cinnamon cake with a delicious butter syrup to pour over it from All Recipes.  This cinnamon cake could have been a great breakfast treat as well, but it was a delectable dessert and the butter syrup was a nice simple topping that didn’t take away from the moist cake; in fact it made it MORE moist without making it soggy!  It was surprising that one small bundt cake could impress such a large family, and feed them all! Usually we are a family who likes their cake with ice cream to satisfy their sweet tooth, but this cake paid a good tribute to the Butter Queen herself, Paula Deen.

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