Michele’s Pies Apple Pie Class

Here is my first (and hopefully not last ;p) guest blog written by my good baking friend, Lauren about our baking class experience at Michele’s Pies.

In light of Michele Albano’s recent recognition as one of Fairfield County Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, I decided it was finally time to write my guest entry  for the blog… that really should have been written months ago.  Alas, with a few patient reminders and the seemingly cosmic kick in the ass, this blog has just come together marvelously!

Back sometime this past winter, Lindsay came across a pie making class through Wilton Continuing Ed.  If you’ve never taken one of your local continuing ed programs, definitely look into them, some of the classes (one timers and ongoing) are worth checking out.   Anywho, we signed up for the class and couldn’t wait! ( Mind you, just a month (or more) prior Lindsay, Brendan and I took a trip to Michele’s Pies on the Norwalk-Wilton Line.)

The class had 12 other people, all women, and most seemed to be friends signed up together.  Michele walked us through her famous apple pie story, from her family crust recipe to the types of apples.  I’m not sure about Lindsay, but I was very happy with the amount of prep Michele did for us in advance. Gotta love not having to peel and dice apples.

By far, the most challenging part of the night was making and rolling out the crust.  Proper crust has always been one of those baking nightmares filled with crumbling messes, holes and rolling pins to blame your troubles on.  While not everyone struggled, I think Michele walking through the steps helps even a more practiced baker refresh those skills while allowing the class to help and learn from each other.

After making the crust, class moved along nicely, filling pies and listening to Michele’s anecdotes on her business, the second location in Westport (now open), growing up baking, and of course, Bobby Flay and FoodNetwork.

Now with two local shops, there’s no excuse not to try one of Michele’s pies.  They’re incredible and knowing they’re made by a successful female entrepreneur will make the trip even sweeter (for us aspiring businesswomen anyway).   I’ve yet to visit the new Westport location, but I’ve heard great things about both the pies and atmosphere.  Guess it’s time to plan a visit… hopefully it won’t take me as long to get there as it did to write this entry.(Note: Lindsay did not have as much luck with her crust as Lauren did, but it was still delicious!)

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