Cake Balls

Cake balls have been the current trend I had been hearing and seeing on all of the baking blogs.  Even now, Starbucks has followed the trend and came out with their own version of a low calorie cake ball.  They are such fun treats to pop into your mouth with great flavors, and very simple to make for those bakers who do not like making cake and cupcakes from scratch.

I decided to make cake balls for a friend at work because she did not typically like cakes except for Funfetti and I needed to try to get her to think out of the box(ed cake.)  Though I have to admit, I did used boxed cake to make these delicious mint chocolate chip cake balls from Paula Deen. 

First you make the boxed cake according to the directions and bake it, break it into pieces in the Kitchenaid, add the canned frosting with peppermint flavoring, turn the mixer on and watch the magic unfold.  Once the frosting and cake are mixed, refrigerate the mixture for awhile.  Once it is ready, use a melon baller to make the cake balls.  In retrospect, my helper and I should have rolled the balls in our hands as well to make them more ball like to make it easier to dip in the melted chocolate.  Once the balls are rolled, place them in the freezer.  When those were ready we dipped them in melted chocolate and stuck them back in the fridge. 

I brought the treats into work and they were loved!  In my opinion you truly can’t go wrong with mint and chocolate, but that is my own bias. :)  I converted my non-cake lovers into cake eaters with these cake balls, and that was achieving my ultimate goal.  Every day that I can make a believer out of cupcakes or baked goods is a good day in my book!

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