Pies Pies Everywhere!

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, Brendan and I were going to my parents house for a big Sunday dinner, so I felt like I should earn my dinner and bring a dessert.  My parents had mentioned a trip to the Cracker Barrel the night before so I got the nostalgic thought of trying to make a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie like I so fondly remember from their menu from years ago.  Off I went to search for a recipe to bring for dessert and fell upon a simple one from Cooks.com.  Another fantastic combination in addition to the chocolate and peanut butter, was also adding Cool Whip and cream cheese to the peanut butter mixture.  Food comas begin like this…  I purchased a chocolate graham cracker crust by Keebler and went to the task.  The pie called for a layer of the melted chocolate mixture, the fluffy peanut butter, Cool Whip, cream cheese mixture, and another layer of chocolate to put into the fridge.

Here are the delectable layers before putting the pie together:

After a few hours of refrigeration we were ready to indulge.  The final product:

Brendan’s perfect piece:

If one pie in a day wasn’t going to be enough, I called my baking friend Lauren to see if she wanted to go check out Michele’s Pies in Norwalk, CT.  Michele’s Pies has been featured on the Food Network, on a Bobby Flay Throwdown for pumpkin pies!  It was amazing how I had never tried the bakery before, as it is settled in a nice little nook near the Norwalk/Wilton line.  Walking in to the quaint store I was overcome with choices of which pie to choose for my afternoon snack.  After much debate, I settled on the Apple Pear Cranberry Crumb.  The topping was so delectable and the filling was oh so tasty!  I am a picky eater when it comes to apple pies because of the apple texture.  If the apples are too hard I am completely turned off from the apple pie experience, but these were just right!  Not too mushy, and not hard as if they were not cooked long enough.

Michele’s Pies is currently renovating a space in Westport, CT to open their second storefront.  I am very excited for this because they will have breakfast pastries in addition to their scrumptious pies!

This post is also in honor of Lauren and I taking a pie baking class on Tuesday March 1st from none other than Michele Albano herself!  I cannot wait! :)

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