Cream Cheese Pound Cake

The cream cheese pound cake was another endeavor when making dinner just wasn’t enough time in the kitchen, so I went to the trusty Southern Living cookbook and found this delectable recipe.  With this cake I had captured the scent of a Yankee candle, but with the additional bonus of a tasty treat!  The cake was supposed to cook for about an hour, and as it is noticeable in the picture below, I should have thought about the cake rising above the edges of my bundt pan.

Lucky thing about bundt pans is:

If you turn them over, they are still beautiful and put together :)

Pound cake always asks for the traditional strawberries and sugar, Hershey’s chocolate drizzle, a dollop of whipped cream, or all 3!

This also made a great breakfast food!  It was so dense and filling, the cream cheese truly gave a distinct and wonderful flavor to the pound cake.  This cake also traveled well to pay my dues at my parents house, and was later voted as the best food Brendan had ever eaten! ;p

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