Sticky Fingers Bakery in West Dover, VT

On one of my many trips on Route 100 to Mount Snow in Vermont, my mother told me to check out a local bakery called Sticky Fingers Bakery that recently opened last May.  So on my last visit to go skiing, I had earned myself a trip to the bakery, and was ecstatic because bakeries are hard to come by it seems in the Vermont green mountains.  Pulling right off of Route 100 I was in love with the black and pink simplistic sign.

Just opening the door was overwhelming with such amazing aromas overpowering your senses.  The small bakery was warm and filled with treats such as a Chocolate Bombe cake, cheesecakes, and, the famous Cinnamon Sticky Bun!

These cinnamon buns are something to seriously aspire to be able to make:

So delicious!  Fresh out of the oven, these HUGE cinnamon buns will certainly make me revisit, and maybe try out some new treats :)  I strongly suggest if you are in the Mount Snow ski area to stop by @stickyfingersVT

210 Route 100 West Dover, VT


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