Food is the way to a man’s…foot??

Halloween weekend should have been filled with candy corn and miniature sized chocolate bars, crazy costumes, and a sugar high but that Friday at 4:58 PM I got a call from my fiancé Brendan saying he was on his way to the hospital with what he thought was a broken ankle.  Plans changed quicker than I wanted them to, so our weekend was spent nursing his ankle and I decided to tap into one of my many cupcake books.  I chose Martha Stewart’s cupcake book (also given to me by Clara Ripari) and let the patient choose what type of cupcake he would like.  A good choice was the Snickerdoodle cupcakes.  Throughout the baking process of these I learned what a snickerdoodle cookie was really about, and learned when Martha says to use a candy thermometer in her recipe, she actually means it.

The cupcakes came out beautifully!

My patient Brendan ate 3 cupcakes while I was waiting on the frosting to determine whether it was an utter loss and decided that these would be great breakfast cupcakes even without the frosting.  After 15 minutes of the poor Kitchenaid beating the frosting mixture, I had to trash the idea and cut my losses, but at least I had breakfast cupcakes for the week!  I brought these to work for a few coworkers and they received the stamp of approval, where Jodi fondly was reminded of the Mrs. Fields snickerdoodle cookies.

Lesson learned: Martha knows all-when she says heat the mixture to 230, you do it!

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