The Mess before THE MESS

My first endeavor into documenting my baking habits was Saturday October 23rd when I decided I did not want the cinnamon rolls out of the Pillsbury container.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great comfort food, but I realized, if I want to own my own bakery some day, I can’t very well put those out for customers.  So off I went searching through my thousands of magazine cutouts and scouring over my many cookbooks and fell upon, what seemed to be, a simple recipe for cinnamon rolls in my Best of Southern Living cookbook (given to me by a very special friend, Clara Ripari).

I located all of the ingredients that eventually covered my kitchen counters and began working.  I figured I had enough time to make the cinnamon rolls and be up in Brookfield, CT in time for a meeting at 11AM; lesson learned: ALWAYS look at the full recipe before beginning baking!  As opposed to the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, cinnamon rolls from scratch actually need RISE and REST, so, I ended up continuing the process and tried to speed up anything I could to make them ready for our car trip to Brookfield.  This is where the mess before the mess comes in.  Flour was flying, ingredients were scattered about the counters, and I was flying through the motions trying to produce a cinnamon roll resembling something appetizing.

Here is my “jelly” roll before slicing it into individual cinnamon rolls:

These are my sliced rolls ready to be baked:

Waiting oh so patiently for these babies to puff up for flaky deliciousness (and so we could make our meeting on time):

Perfection! Or at least perfect for a first attempt:

My fiancé’s perfect picture of his cinnamon roll:

A fork was a must with these rolls due to the gooey icing and sticky cinnamon-sugar mixture-THE MESS.

Another lesson learned: These cinnamon rolls require parchment paper to line the pans or the cinnamon-sugary goodness will caramelize and harden on the bottom of the roll.

Sometimes it is like the Life cereal advertisement in my house, but my “Mikey” (my fiancé Brendan) gave these his stamp of approval. :)

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